Where To Get FD-258 Fingerprint Cards

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Where To Get FD-258 Fingerprint Cards

Where to get FD-258 fingerprint cards is to be a common question for us.  For quite some time, out clients have been pleasantly surprise learning a majority of our California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers carry FD-258 Fingerprint Cards.

888.498.4234 | Where To Get FD-258 Fingerprint Cards | http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.netAnother success is that clients also become aware that our Fingerprinting Technicians are certified and approved by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to fingerprint on the FD-258 Fingerprint Card.

FBI FD-258 Fingerprint Ink Cards are used for Visa & Immigration purposes, FBI Police Clearance Certificate in USA, and for employment purposes for inside and outside the United States.

FD-258 Description
This FBI form is standard for ink card fingerprinting and is used by the FBI, Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and many police agencies for non criminal fingerprinting in conducting a criminal background checks.

The dimension of the FD-258 Fingerprint Card is 8 inches by 8 inches, with an angle cut on the top left corner of the ink card. It is printed on heavy white paper with blue ink, also known as the “Blue Hard Card”.

When filling out your fingerprint ink card be sure to complete all the required fields, this includes your full name, date and place of birth, physical description, social security number, and mailing address.

Where To Get FD-258 Fingerprint Cards And…

Once obtaining the card is half the battle. Ensuring good results is the other half. Avoid going to “suspicious” areas that offer to good to be true price deals. Usually one ends up paying for what they get; which is poor quality service followed by poor fingerprinting results that are usually rejected by FBI and/or requesting agency.

Contact us at (888) 498-4234 for one of our nearest professional service location today. You can also visit us online and schedule an appointment near you, http://Appointments.LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net

Law Enforcement Agencies
Local law enforcement agencies also hear the question of where to get FD-258 fingerprint cards. However, one usually finds out that most law enforcement agencies do not have fingerprint ink cards “readily available” to the public. There are limited professional ink fingerprinting services available from private vendors.

California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers, offering online scheduling and convenience. Contact us at today at (888) 498-4234 to learn more and be sure to ask about our current promotions.

Private Vendors
If you reside in California, and a private vendor is used, they must be certified by the California Department of Justice (DOJ), and the fingerprint card must contain the certificate number. All of our Fingerprint Technicians at California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers are certified and approved Fingerprint Rollers from the DOJ & FBI.

“Where To Get FD-258 Fingerprint Cards?” Well that’s easy, contact us or stop by any of our California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers today, (888) 498-4234.

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