Culver City Live Scan Locations

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More Services At Our Culver City Live Scan Locations

Our Culver City Live Scan locations are continuing to provide more assortment of Live Scan services for Los Angeles County and other surrounding areas. At our National Live Scan Corporate Office, which is one of our Culver City Live Scan locations, Live Scan services are not only provided on behalf of the State of California’s Department of Justice (CAL-DOJ) for various jobs and professional licensing but also for those that seek “expedited” FBI Clearance Certificates (personal background checks) strictly from the Federal Bureau of investigations (FBI).

Other additional services now being made available at our Culver City Live Scan locations. These services consist of by limited to:

These and other great services will continue to grow as we seek and develop additional relationships with other respected organizations such as the National Live Scan Association and Develop Point Education, Inc

Our Culver City Live Scan Locations schedule caters to its clients. With weekday and weekend operating hours along with evenings availability provides the much deserved flexibility and convenience for our clients. Walk-ins are always welcomed.

We take pride that Live Scan staff are both FBI and CAL-DOJ Approved and Certified Fingerprint Rollers. And to take things to a higher level of service our technicians at the Culver City Live Scan Locations have received advance training and certification from the National Live Scan Association. Now with advanced training in Ink Card Fingerprinting and Live Scan Operations gives the Culver City Live Scan Locations a whole new level of quality of service.

Why Live Scan Fingerprinting?
Live Scan Fingerprinting is used to reveal criminal history information for identification, employment and licensing purposes. It matches fingerprints and other identifying information to existing data files for an individual. As use of this technique becomes more widely used, Live Scan Fingerprinting will reduce the need for the older process of applying inked fingerprint impressions on a card. Live Scan Fingerprinting electronically scans and transmits fingerprints to the California Department of Justice via a specialized computer terminal.

For additional information about Live Scan Fingerprinting at our Culver City Live Scan Locations visit http://LiveScanAppointments.com.

Live Scan Locations, Crenshaw District Los Angeles

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Live Scan services can be found in the Crenshaw District, Los Angeles. Other local Live Scan Locations in our membership network cover such areas as:

  • Culver City
  • El Segundo
  • Hawthorne
  • Inglewood
  • Marina Del Rey
  • Los Angeles
  • Santa Monica
  • West Adams, Los Angeles
  • West Los Angeles

Those applying for Professional Licenses; Licensing and Certification Program; or even Personal Record Reviews will find California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers and our Member Network locations convenient, professional and friendly.  Such Licenses and Certifications consist of the following below and much, much more:

  • Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)
  • In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
  • Security Guard, Guard Card (with Firearm)

Nurse Assistant Training Program Applicants (NATP)
Application and Live Scan – Upon enrollment in a training program for nurse assistant certification, and prior to direct patient contact with residents, a candidate for training shall submit a training and examination application and proof of Live Scan fingerprinting to the Department. (Source – California Department of Public Health (CDPH) website 2011-11)

We offer you flexibility, you can schedule your appointment online; in addition, walk-ins are welcomed at most of our Live Scan centers. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (888) 498-4234; you can also visit us at http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net.

California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers, offering online scheduling and convenience. Contact us at (888) 498-4234 to learn more and be sure to ask about our current promotions.

Live Scan Locations, Fingerprinting Services

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Welcome to California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers (CAL-LIVE). As a proven leader in the Live Scan Fingerprinting industry, CAL-LIVE offers its customers access to professional network of Live Scan services & “Wet” Ink Fingerprinting locations.

CAL-LIVE matches each applicant with the closes fingerprinting center. Having current information on each center such as its location, hours of operation, and any special requirements allows for a seamless integration with our online scheduling system. This ensures that our applicants will continue to have a very positive experience at any of the centers.

Live Scan Fingerprinting services are routinely used for:

  • US Immigration
  • Canadian Immigration
  • Mortgage Brokers & Loan Officers
  • Insurance Licensing
  • Medical Licensing (i.e. Registered Nurses & Physicians)
  • Adoption & Foster Care
  • In Home Support Services (IHSS), Care Givers
  • Children ID & Mentorship Programs
  • Conviction Expungement
  • Legal Name Changes
  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC)
  • Contractors
  • Security Guards
  • and many more

Mobile Fingerprinting Services
We offer Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting services (MOBILE LIVE) for clients with large number of applicants at a single location. Based on the size of the group we can dispatched multiple trained technicians each equipped with a portable Live Scan machine to the location of our client’s choice. Fingerprint collection minimums apply. To learn more and to schedule for a Mobile Live Scan contact us today at (888) 468-4234.

Book an appointment!
California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers (888) 498-4234

FBI Ink Card Fingerprinting

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Our Culver City Live Scan Fingerprinting Center offers ink card fingerprinting services to the general public. Ink fingerprinting is done on hard cards and are then submitted by the applicant to the appropriate agency. Fingerprints are then cross-referenced to the criminal database to check an applicant’s criminal history.

Ink Card fingerprints may be required for jobs out-of-state and foreign adoptions. Applicants needing ink fingerprinting must have proper ink cards provided by their requesting agency.

Why Ink Card Fingerprinting?

Ink Card Fingerprinting may be required for any of the following reasons:

  • Obtaining criminal history record from another state or another country.  Applicants would be required to submit the ink card to the appropriate state agency or country’s government agency.
  • Obtaining a copy of criminal history record sent directly to the applicant by the FBI.  Beneficial for applicants applying for immigration or adjustment of status.
  • Obtaining an out-of-state professional license such as an applicants’ licenses to practice law, nursing and other professions.
  • FINRA / ABA / Federal Employment – Some employers including but not limited to applicants seeking federal employment and others working in the securities industry regulated by FINRA required to submit Ink Card fingerprints for background screening prior to licensing.

888-448-4234 | FBI Fingerprint Card Form FD-258 | Culver City Live Scan Fingerprinting Center http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.netAs an added benefit to our customers, the Culver City Live Scan Fingerprinting Center have on hand the standard FBI Fingerprint Cards, Form No. FD-258, as used by the FBI, US Immigration and Naturalization Service; to include many police agencies for non-criminal fingerprinting (such as for letter of good conduct, employment clearances or immigration purposes).

One of our beneficial services to clients is our Mobile California Live Scan & Ink Fingerprinting service provider is our flexibility. Contact us today and ask to speak with one of our Coordinators, California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers 888-448-4234.

Mobile Ink Fingerprinting

  • Our Mobile/Travel Fee starts at $90.
    This is non-refundable and required upon initial appointment.
  • Our Ink Card mobile rolling fees are $45 per card.
  • There are additional fees for after hours, holidays, and significant travel.

You don’t pay any more for the convenience. We provide single point of contact for all of your needs. Talk to a live person today, contact us, (888) 448-4234.

Centrally located near Culver City, Inglewood, Marina Del Rey, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Ladera Heights areas.

*All pricing and fees subject to change without notice.

California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers, offering online scheduling and convenience. Contact us at (888) 448-4234 to learn more and be sure to ask about our current promotions.

What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

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Live Scan is an ink-less electronic fingerprinting (digitizing) process that is accomplished by high-tech computer based devices. Live Scan Applicant(s) fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ), along with information entered from the Request for Live Scan Service form, in order to complete a criminal background check.

Digitizing the fingerprints enables the electronic transfer of the fingerprint image data along with personal descriptor information to computers at the DOJ in a matter of seconds, instead of the prolong days required to send hard copy fingerprint cards through the mail. DOJ’s goal is to process 95% of the digitized fingerprints within 3 days.

The Background & The “Why” of Live Scan Fingerprinting
As a result of legislation passed in late 1997, the DOJ has developed an automated background check process that requires digitized fingerprints (“Live Scan”). Beginning January 1, 2000, DOJ requested that fingerprints be submitted by Live Scan rather than hard copy fingerprint cards.

Live Scan technology replaces the slow and “archaic” fingerprinting process of recording fingerprint patterns through a rolling process using ink and paper. In many states actual ink fingerprinting is still required. Digitized fingerprint images enables Live Scan service providers such as California Live Scan Centers to electronically transmit fingerprints to the DOJ in a matter of just a few seconds; thus eliminating the need of sending hard copies through snail mail. And if the requested, the DOJ will forward Live Scan data to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers, offering online scheduling and convenience. Contact us at (888) 498-4234 to learn more and be sure to ask about our current promotions.

Finally, the DOJ sends a response directly to the (applicants) requesting agency for the Live Scan within seven (7) working days providing a much faster response as opposed to the inked fingerprint cards. Further information on Live Scan Fingerprinting can be obtained by contacting California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers at 888-498-4234, or visiting The California Department of Justice web site at http://caag.state.ca.us.

Live Scan Processing Time

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DOJ-FBI Live Scan Fingerprinting Processing

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) Live Scan Fingerprinting processing time usually comes back within 72 hours electronically to the requesting agency. Mailing the results back to the requesting agency could take from 7-10 days. However some delays do occur, for any significant delay the DOJ will contact the requesting agency. The Live Scan results are either emailed or sent to the requesting agency listed on the Request for Live Scan Service form.

Once the Live Scan Fingerprinting process has been completed at one of our California Live Scan Centers, please direct all inquiries to the agency handling your employment or licensing.

For those that would like to “check up” on their completion results can also contact DOJ directly on their 24 Hour Automated Telephone Service, 916-227-4557. Click here to learn more.

California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers, offering online scheduling and convenience. Contact us at (888) 498-4234 to learn more and be sure to ask about our current promotions.

Culver City Live Scan Center Located In Antioch University Building, 400 Corporate Pointe

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Our newest Culver City Live Scan Fingerprinting Center now shares the same building with Antioch University – Los Angeles, located 400 Corporate Pointe, Suite 300, CA 90230.

Walk-ins are always welcomed and we provide discounts to students and large groups. In a rush, no problem, just contact us to schedule an appointment or register online. We can be as flexible as you, our direct number is 888-498-4234.

Are you pursuing a degrees and/or licensing in a medical related field? Per law you are now required to be electronically fingerprinted (Live Scan).

Culver City Live Scan Fingerprinting Location

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Culver City now has a centrally located Live Scan Fingerprinting Center at 400 Corporate Pointe, Suite 300 (Third Floor), Culver City, CA. Being just off the 405 & CA-90 provides that additional benefit of convenience to our clients. There is plenty of parking both in the parking garage and metered parking on the street.

Our West Los Angeles – Culver City – Live Scan Fingerprinting Center operating schedule caters to its clients. The center is open daily with both weekend and evenings availability. Walk-ins are always welcomed.

Our staff are FBI-DOJ Certified and Approved Fingerprint Rollers. In addition, we have staff on-site that are active members of the National Notary Association (NNA) as California Bonded and licensed Notary Public agents.

Online appointments can be scheduled up to 2 hours in advance of your Live Scan. However, we do experience peak periods and suggest applicants schedule their appointment at least a day in advance. We can also be reached directly at (888) 498-4234. Walk-ins are always welcomed.

California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers, offering online scheduling and convenience. Contact us at (888) 498-4234 to learn more and be sure to ask about our current promotions.

Live Scan Fingerprinting Background Checks

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http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net | Live Scan Fingerprinting Center | 888-498-4234 | Jhanira Business Solutions | 400 Corporate Pointe, Culver City, CA 90230 | http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.netOur California Live Scan Centers uses FBI and California DOJ certified high tech devices that allows digitally scanned fingerprints and related information to be submitted electronically to DOJ within a matter of minutes; thus allowing criminal background checks to be processed usually within 72 hours.

California Live Scan services are the tools for DOJ’s automated service for criminal history background checks required as a condition of employment, licensing, certification, foreign adoptions or VISA/Immigration clearances.

Our Live Scan Centers both technique and technology uses the same type of used by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in electronically capturing fingerprints. Thus the need of past traditional methods of ink and paper is becoming less and less utilized. Live Scan is now the primary tool in the recognition of human individuals.

Everyone at our California Live Scan centers are certified fingerprint rollers. Contact us today to learn more, (888) 498-4234.

Jhanira Business Solutions offers online scheduling.