Online Live Scan Fingerprinting Courses

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NLSA Online Live Scan Fingerprinting Courses

Add another qualification to your many skills, have a side business in fingerprint scanning. You do not have to go anywhere to earn your certificate in fingerprinting, sit at home and get your qualification through National Live Scan Association’s (NLSA) Online Live Scan Fingerprinting Courses (http://LiveScanClassesOnline.com). Our industry specific course has been created by experts of the field. Our comprehensive course includes all aspects of fingerprinting business.


Why National Live Scan Association

We are the industry leaders in Live Scan Fingerprinting Training and educational development. Live Scan is the digital way of capturing fingerprints. While Ink Card Fingerprinting captures an applicant fingerprints utilizing “paper and ink”.

Either way, once fingerprints are captured and electronically converted (“digitized”) the prints are sent almost instantly to the concerned federal or state agency. Our instructors are certified and approved by the NLSA, FBI, CAL-DOJ, FDLE and/or other Law enforcement and private agencies.

888.498.4234 NLSA Online Live Scan Fingerprinting Courses, Mobile Fingerprinting Business www.LiveScan-Classes.com/online-training * www.NationalLiveScan.orgBy completing our online Live Scan Fingerprinting courses, the certificate(s) that you will earn with National Live Scan Association will allow you to become a member of the NLSA and will enable you to fingerprint individuals and then electronically transmit the fingerprints to the concerned agency.

When you attend our online fingerprinting courses, and successfully complete them, you will be awarded a certificate that is authentic and approved, which will help you start-up your business as a fingerprint roller immediately.

The instructors for our online Live Scan Fingerprinting courses are experts in their field with extensive training and experience behind them. Most of our instructors have been involved in Live Scan businesses as owners or managers, before becoming instructors with us. Some continue to provide Live Scan and Ink Card Fingerprinting even as they instruct.


Why Online Live Scan Classes

We realize that you have a busy life and may be working in a full-time job or attending college and you may not have the opportunity to attend a regular class for which, you will have to commit to a timing that is not conducive to your present schedule. Keeping in mind the constraints of people just like you, we have started our online fingerprinting courses that will allow you to complete your course in your time. Online learning has many benefits, which you will appreciate. These include:

  • Study in Your Own Time – With our online fingerprinting courses, you will never have to look at the clock, or juggle time. You can study at your convenience, whenever you have time to spare.
  • Self-paced Learning – You can study as much or as little as you want. If you have extra time on weekends, use them to put in extra study time to compensate for the weekdays when you do not have the time. Take as long as you want to finish the course. The choice of how quickly you want to learn is yours.
  • Save on Cost – You do not have to travel to go to a place for your class, you do not need to dress up in a particular way to attend your classes, and you do not have to pay the overheads for an online class as you would have to for a regular class, hence online courses are much cheaper.
  • Connect to Other Fellow Students – You are not alone when taking online fingerprinting courses, there are many others from across the country or even the globe who are in the class with you. You can connect and share views with other students.


Your Next Step

Members of the National Live Scan Association provides Live Scan Services to applicants throughout California and other states. If you want to learn more about NLSA Online Live Scan Classes and its benefits, contact us at (888) 498-4234, or visit http://LiveScan-Classes.com.

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