Live Scan & DMV Occupational Licensing Applicants

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Who is affected by it?
Anyone applying for the first time with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to be licensed in regards to receiving a DMV Occupational License is required to receive a Live Scan in order to conduct a criminal background check. This also applies to first time applicants for an ambulance driver certificate. (See complete list below.)

If you have held an active Occupational License issued by DMV in the past 3 years, you may not require a new set of prints. But be sure to follow-up with your local DMV, as this information may change.

Applications for the following type licenses require Live Scan services

  • Ambulance Driver Certificate
  • Business Partner Automation Program/Registration Service Owner
  • Business Partner Automation Program/Dealer Owner
  • Business Partner Automation Program/Employee (i.e., Registration service, Dealer, Automobile Club, Rental Car, Leasing Company employee).
  • Dealer License
  • Dismantler/Wrecker License
  • Distributor License(888) 498-4234 Live Scan Fingerprinting & DMV Occupational Licensing Applicants | DMV-8016, Live Scan forms available. | Culver City, Los Angeles, Inglewood, Marina Del Ray, Hawthorne, El Segundo, Manchester. | http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net
  • Distributor Representative License
  • Driving School Instructor License
  • Driving School Operator License
  • Driving School Owner License
  • Lessor/Retailer License
  • Manufacturer License (includes Remanufacturer)
  • Manufacturer Representative license
  • Registration Sells License
  • Salesperson License
  • Transporter License
  • Traffic Viol. School Owner License (includes Operator or Instructor)
  • Vehicle Verifier Permit

What the next step to be Live Scan fingerprinted?
The occupational licensing applicant can visit any of our Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers nearest to them to get fingerprinted. The applicant is to bring their Live Scan Request Form (DMV 8016) with them. This form should be provided by the DMV office. The applicant can also call the DMV Licensing Operations Division Occupational Licensing Branch in Sacramento (916) 229-3126 or Los Angeles (213) 744-7563 and request that Live Scan request form be mailed.

California Live Scan Centers,  offering online scheduling and convenience.  Contact us at 888.498.4234 to learn more and be sure to ask about our latest promotions.

If the licensee does not use the DMV’s Live Scan form, it is suggested he/she take a sample of the form with them to one of one Live Scan Fingerprinting sites, this will assist in ensuring one of our trained technicians has all the information needed for transmitting the data to the appropriate agency.

To verify your identity, please bring an official governmental photo document (e.g., driver license, identification card, passport, etc.) with you to one of our nearest Live Scan Sites.

A sample of the California DMV’s Live Scan form can be found on our website under the “FORMS & LINKS” tab. To learn more contact us today, (888) 498-4234.

Live Scan Fingerprinting & DMV Occupational Licensing Applicants (DMV 8016, Request for Live Scan Clearance)

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