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Two Methods of Submitting Fingerprints

There are two methods currently available for submitting fingerprints: applicant Live Scan; or, the ten-print “hard card” applicant fingerprint card. Applicants should go over the perspective requesting agency requirements prior to taking any actions. Following information will apply to those applicants that are seeking to be printed on FBI Fingerprint Cards.

Commonly Used Terms888.498.4234 California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net

  • Blue Fingerprint Card
  • FBI Ink Card
  • FD-258 Card
  • Fingerprint Card
  • Fingerprint Ink Card
  • Hard Card Fingerprint
  • Standard Fingerprint Form (FD-258)
  • Ten-Print Hard Card

We strongly encourage applicants to call the fingerprinting site ahead to determine if an appointment is required to include if they have the required FBI Ink Cards (FD-258) available.

Substantially Long Processing Times

Please be advised that the California Department of Justice (DOJ) & the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) processing time for hard card fingerprints is a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks, or longer. In order to avoid processing delays and additional costs that result from invalid fingerprint cards, fingerprints must be taken by a Certified Fingerprint Roller (Technician) or at a law enforcement agency in the state of residence.

California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers, offering online scheduling and convenience. Contact us at (888) 498-4234 to learn more and be sure to ask about our current promotions.

California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers

All of our centers have FBI-DOJ Approved & Certified Fingerprint Roller Technicians. Every center also have plenty FBI Ink Cards (FD-258) on hands; thus eliminating the hassles of running around trying to find that misplaced card. Contact us today at (888) 498-4234 to schedule your appointment.  You can register online to take advantage of additional discounts and promotions:

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