Getting A FBI Background Check

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The FBI Criminal Background Check

The FBI Background Check is issued on request from the applicant who needs to get a criminal background check done on oneself. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) does a background check for applicants that personally provides their fingerprints on a standard FBI form, FD-258 Ink Fingerprint card; and by comparing FBI’s database from the submitted fingerprints. Currently it takes the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division approximately twelve (12) weeks from the date of submission to process an individual’s FBI Background Check requests. If you have a criminal record or not, you will still receive a FBI Background Check (Criminal History Summary Report) with or without any “incidents”.

Fingerprint Roller Certification Program

California Department of Justice (DOJ) has a Fingerprint Roller Certification Program requirement for those that wish to provide fingerprinting services in the state of California. Law enforcement agencies are exempt from this requirement.

California DOJ has several Live Scan programs; two of the most popular are the Fingerprint Roller Certification and the other is the Live Scan Operator (Business Owner). To learn more about becoming a certified and approved Fingerprint Roller and/or how to start and grow your own business as a Live Scan Operator, visit http://LiveScan-Classes.com.

The FBI Background Check will be submitted along with the paperwork you may need to apply for a job at a government, federal, non-federal, law enforcement or non-law enforcement agency. It can also be used for travel, immigration or work in another country as well as domestic and international adoption process.

Get a FD-258 Ink Card

The FBI Background Checks are issued with the help and utilization of FD-258 Ink Fingerprint Cards. The card has a white background, printed in blue, and needs to be typed and printed in black ink to help differentiate the information filled in the form. Care needs to be taken that the space provided for each detail filling should not be used more than the area provided.

The fingerprints should be done by a legitimate organization to ensure that it is done properly. (Some states such as California have specific state requirements on providing finger printing services) The ink card(s) along with the requested documents and a payment of $18 are to be sent directly to the FBI for processing the applicant’s FBI Background Check.

The FBI provides a downloadable PDF version of their FD-258 Ink Card online at http://FBI.gov or even at http://FBI-Reports.com. Note that download version will in most cases be only accepted by the FBI directly. If you need a FD-258 Ink Card any other purpose, please contact your requesting agency on how to get the “hard card” version.

Other Names for FBI Background Checks

Certificate of Good Conduct
Clearance Certificate
Clearance Letter
Criminal Background Check
Criminal History Summary Check
Criminal Record Check
FBI Identification Record
FBI Report
Federal Background Check
Letter of Good Conduct
National Police Certificate
Personal Record Review
Police Clearance Certificate
Police Report
Rap Sheet

How FBI Background Checks Helps

Receiving a FBI Background Check goes a long way in helping you out with information on record that you may not be able to challenge by yourself in the court of law. This is essentially a letter to substantiate the evidence of your innocence and your clean past to enable you to acquire what you want. It is a great help in clearing hindrances offered by the legal system of the country. The letter will help you to provide argument against records that show information about you quite contrary to what it is actually.

The FBI Background Checks is built to include seal of approval that qualifies you to be considered for activities that generally include risks for national and international security of people worldwide. Other reasons for getting one’s FBI Background Check consist of but not limited to:

  • Personal Review
  • Adoption Requirements
  • Attorney Requests
  • Challenge Errors
  • Court Related Matters
  • Travel Visas, Work Visas

Note: Information present here is subject to change without notice. Please visit the respected government agencies (DOJ & FBI) websites for the latest updates and developments. You can also contact us at (888) 498-4234 or visit http://www.livescan-fingerprinting.net/contact-us

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