$99 Special, NLSA Online Live Scan Classes

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Live Scan Fingerprinting Online Training

The NLSA Online Live Scan Classes are here folks! The National Live Scan Association (NLSA) is in the final stages of their anticipated Live Scan Fingerprinting online training programs. A few of us were able to get a sneak peek of the long-awaited online training platform.

Rest assured, NLSA Online Live Scan Classes provides the flexibility and convenience of self-paced training in the comfort of one’s office or home. These NLSA Online Live Scan Classes and other related specialty courses can be delivered in a variety of media types; basically accessed at any time from your PC, most cell phones and/or tablets.

In the near future, NLSA Online Live Scan Classes (http://LiveScanClassesOnline.com) will also include pre-recorded and live streaming special events and programs.

NLSA Online Live Scan Classes Opens March 31, 2016. Enrollment only $99 for a limited time only!


$99 Special ~ Mobile Fingerprinting Business

888.498.4234 NLSA Online Live Scan Classes, Mobile Fingerprinting Business www.LiveScan-Classes.com/online-training * www.NationalLiveScan.org


This is $895 NLSA Certified Workshop. Home based business opportunity! Savvy business owners understand utilizing Mobile Fingerprinting Business can be easily placed in the categories of efficiency and cost-effective.

Along with the mobile live scan business opportunity, other rewarding National Live Scan Association programs allows workshop participants to get a new perspective on leveraging creativity and creating opportunity.
Learning how to effectively build your Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting Business is a smart choice.

The Benefits

This is your one stop shop for your online virtual educational and content delivery. Such benefits include but not limited to:

  • Ease of Use
  • Cost Savings & Efficiencies
  • Convenience of Attendance
  • Industry Related Employee Training Programs
  • Compliance Training and Risk Mitigation
  • Distance Education

When registering for multiple participants, please provide us the names of ALL attendees as soon as possible. Please visit our General Information section to learn more. To register by phone or for additional information, contact us today at (888) 498-4234.

Culver City Live Scan Locations

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More Services At Our Culver City Live Scan Locations

Our Culver City Live Scan locations are continuing to provide more assortment of Live Scan services for Los Angeles County and other surrounding areas. At our National Live Scan Corporate Office, which is one of our Culver City Live Scan locations, Live Scan services are not only provided on behalf of the State of California’s Department of Justice (CAL-DOJ) for various jobs and professional licensing but also for those that seek “expedited” FBI Clearance Certificates (personal background checks) strictly from the Federal Bureau of investigations (FBI).

Other additional services now being made available at our Culver City Live Scan locations. These services consist of by limited to:

These and other great services will continue to grow as we seek and develop additional relationships with other respected organizations such as the National Live Scan Association and Develop Point Education, Inc

Our Culver City Live Scan Locations schedule caters to its clients. With weekday and weekend operating hours along with evenings availability provides the much deserved flexibility and convenience for our clients. Walk-ins are always welcomed.

We take pride that Live Scan staff are both FBI and CAL-DOJ Approved and Certified Fingerprint Rollers. And to take things to a higher level of service our technicians at the Culver City Live Scan Locations have received advance training and certification from the National Live Scan Association. Now with advanced training in Ink Card Fingerprinting and Live Scan Operations gives the Culver City Live Scan Locations a whole new level of quality of service.

Why Live Scan Fingerprinting?
Live Scan Fingerprinting is used to reveal criminal history information for identification, employment and licensing purposes. It matches fingerprints and other identifying information to existing data files for an individual. As use of this technique becomes more widely used, Live Scan Fingerprinting will reduce the need for the older process of applying inked fingerprint impressions on a card. Live Scan Fingerprinting electronically scans and transmits fingerprints to the California Department of Justice via a specialized computer terminal.

For additional information about Live Scan Fingerprinting at our Culver City Live Scan Locations visit http://LiveScanAppointments.com.

Live Scan Fingerprinting Workshops

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NLSA Live Scan Fingerprinting Business Classes, Training

The National Live Scan Association (NLSA) provides full-service fingerprinting solutions. Such professional services includes Live Scan fingerprinting business classes, training and consultation.

The National Live Scan Association membership is growing dramatically. And with its’ continues strive towards not only being California’s largest and most efficient Live Scan and Ink Card Fingerprinting collection network, but nationwide. Each of the NLSA’s members has access to industry leading Live Scan fingerprinting business workshops and NLSA Online Live Scan Classes, 888-498-4234.

Live Scan Fingerprinting Classes, 888.498.4234
Live Scan fingerprinting business classes are currently every quarter at the Live Scan Los Angeles (Culver City) corporate office and other major cities throughout California. On-site classes can be made available for groups and at college.


This is Your Live Scan Business Start-Up 101
Upcoming http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net | National Live Scan Association Corporate Training Center | 888-498-4234 | Live Scan Fingerprinting Business Classes, Training | 400 Corporate Pointe, Culver City, CA 90230 | http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net | http://www.LiveScan-Classess.comLive Scan fingerprinting business classes can be found at http://LiveScan-Classes.com or by contacting us at (888) 498-4234. Monthly and quarterly classes available at the Los Angeles Corporate Office. On-site mobile fingerprint training service upon clients’ request.

Live Scan Fingerprint Training
The Live Scan fingerprinting business training is catered for the new and “not so new” fingerprinting industry. The training covers such areas as:

NLSA Certified Fingerprinting Instructors

All of our Live Scan Fingerprinting Instructors are certified and approved by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the California Department of Justice (DOJ). The National Live Scan Association provides an advance training program for its Live Scan Fingerprinting Instructors. Along with the instructors extensive training, the majority of the instructors own and/or have managed success Live Scan Fingerprinting businesses.

National Live Scan Association, offering online scheduling and convenience. Contact us at (888) 498-4234 to learn more and be sure to ask about our current promotions.

Learn More, Contact Us Today…

California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers in partnership with The National Live Scan Association provides single point of contact for all of your Live Scan needs. To learn more or to make an appointment, call California Live Scan Fingerprinting Center and talk to a live person today at 888-498-4234, or schedule online at http://LiveScanAppointments.com.

Live Scan Fingerprinting Background Checks

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http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net | Live Scan Fingerprinting Center | 888-498-4234 | Jhanira Business Solutions | 400 Corporate Pointe, Culver City, CA 90230 | http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.netOur California Live Scan Centers uses FBI and California DOJ certified high tech devices that allows digitally scanned fingerprints and related information to be submitted electronically to DOJ within a matter of minutes; thus allowing criminal background checks to be processed usually within 72 hours.

California Live Scan services are the tools for DOJ’s automated service for criminal history background checks required as a condition of employment, licensing, certification, foreign adoptions or VISA/Immigration clearances.

Our Live Scan Centers both technique and technology uses the same type of used by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in electronically capturing fingerprints. Thus the need of past traditional methods of ink and paper is becoming less and less utilized. Live Scan is now the primary tool in the recognition of human individuals.

Everyone at our California Live Scan centers are certified fingerprint rollers. Contact us today to learn more, (888) 498-4234.

Jhanira Business Solutions offers online scheduling.

Protect Your Family – Fingerprint Your Child Today

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All of our California Live Scan Centers are equipped with advanced Child/Youth ID software and equipment to provide environment friendly youth electronic fingerprinting service. One of our beneficial services to clients is our Mobile California Live Scan service which provides flexible Youth/Child Live Scan Fingerprinting services at your local school or organization. Contact us today and ask to speak with one of our Youth Program Coordinators, 888-498-4234.

http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net | Live Scan Fingerprinting Center | 888-498-4234 | Jhanira Business Solutions | 400 Corporate Pointe, Culver City, CA 90230 | http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.netThe special Child ID Kit is a fast, easy and secure way to provide parents with their child’s vital information at their fingertips. The Child/Youth ID software inputs the child’s biographic information, the parent’s contact information, and capture of the child’s all 10 rolled fingerprints and picture.

The Child/Youth ID advance software includes auto check up image quality control and additional features. The experience is non-intimidating but a fun experience for the children.

All the information is downloaded and saved to a CD-ROM disc for the parents. Our Child/Youth ID software discards all captured information upon closing the application, providing parents with the peace of mind in knowing that they have the only copy of their child’s information.

Want To Learn More? Contact Us Today

Click to email us or ask to speak with one of our Youth Identity Program Coordinators at 888-498-4234.

Jhanira Business Solutions offers online scheduling.